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Cut to spare your f-lists...

So... I have been slightly debating whether I should try NaNoWriMo as it would be my first try... and right now, I've decided not to. Instead of setting the goal of writing a new complete novel of at least 50000 words in one month, I've decided to focus myself on writing 50000 words in one month in these arenas:

1. My novel-in-progress. It is actually (first draft-wise) closer to 100000 words, but I have been lazy and procrastinating and had writer's block for a while. So, I need to get my butt in gear and FINISH the second draft. I'm stuck on Chapter 10 (I think... it's either that chapter or Chapter 9) and as I was completely revising the entire ending (minus the epilogue), I ought to FINISH it. I think with that chapter, and the ones following it, that will amount to perhaps 30000 of the 50000 words.

2. When I get #1 done, I will use the remaining 20000 words to draft the proposal/query/pitch for the book (aka cover letter, summary, outline). And maybe even work on the third draft (as I'm not sure if I'm re-writing the prologue or completely dropping it).

3. Focusing on writing is my main thing... so with #1 and #2, whenever I feel my other muses, I will dabble in my RP fic for Ali *GLOMP & LUV* and my CC and DC fics... I really want to finish those prompts - I don't want to leave them hanging. Because it is a good feeling to having had completed something!

In the midst of all this, I will still keep my other responsibilities. AKA:

A. Drafting/preparing/posting my lesson plans for arithharmony and astrolharmony, and being active in hogwartsharmony

B. Reducing my threading in TG (mainly threading with Ali, of course) since...

C. I will be joining another RP comm to continue writing/threading with the other gals and guy; although since it is for 'fun' and not for 'points', I won't feel stressed...

D. And of course, RP with Ginny. Since I promised, and because I think it will help me in #3.

We'll see what RL has to deal me... but I think I can manage. It just means more time management. ^_^
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