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Still feeling a bit weird about the whole job thing... so... nothing really new here. BLAH!

Went for the last part of my pre-employment screening stuff, spent over 2.5 hours there - but only spoke the doctor, nurse, staff-person for maybe 30 minutes total. I don't know - was the plus side sitting in the waiting room watching a little of Tyra's talk show? Today's episode was a talent episode - they pulled people/rejects from other shows, made them sing or dance or model or do comedy side by side (two people per 'talent') and had the audience vote for them. Didn't finish watching the entire episode (as I was FINALLY called in after waiting an hour between seeing people), but they were really... awful.

Nothing else new here...

I've never written (or RPed) stuff relating to someone's death; my novel has some heartache (getting over a first boyfriend stuff) but no "real death". So, I'm trying to do some research, etc. One site lists this:

The Grief Reaction Process:
1. Denial (which includes bargaining)
2. Fear
3. Anger
4. Depression
5. Reorganization?

although I could have sworn one or two of the stages were different (but I took Intro. Psychology possibly ten years ago, so I don't remember everything). *searches* Ah... here it is:

1. Denial (and isolation?)
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Or is this different between one facing grief (e.g. loved ones) versus someone dealing with the fact that they themselves are going to die (e.g. from cancer or whatever)? *sigh* So not fun...

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