Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

Duh duh dummmmmm.....

So tomorrow starts the NEW JOB! Well, first three days of orientation. THREE DAYS? GAH! First day is at Pasadena (no, I'm not from Pasadena, nor am I a little old lady --well, scratch that, I am older than all of you on my flist, so I guess that makes me the little old lady-- but I do not own a brand new shiny red Superstock Dodge), the next two at Fontana (which if you have no idea where that is, don't worry - I don't think they have any songs named for them).

Just watched Aeon Flux yesterday and The Transporter today. Not bad actually. AF made me in a Gackie-romantic-love-mood ;P so I wrote a little (you've already read it, Ali) and now I must start some things for LJ/RP.

P.S. severam - I can never catch you on AIM... any update on the application question I had? :)

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