Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

I'm Awake!

This is a first... I'm composing this on my email to copy/paste to my journal when I return home. I think I can logon to lj from work... but I don't want to chance it...

So, here I am (meaning this moment in time as I'm composing not copy/pasting) my first day of working a weekend at my new job. It doesn't seem as busy as the weekdays thankfully - but I haven't clocked in yet, so we'll see. I'm updating/composing throughout my eight-hour shift... hence the reason this entry is looooong.

Cut to spare your f-lists of my boring life.


Work: Yesterday, I worked graveyard - midnight to 8am (midnight between Thursday and Friday; which is sometimes confusing, as I've heard that people scheduled at 00:00 aren't sure which day that falls under (though it wasn't confusing to me ;).) I tried to take a couple naps during the day on Thursday, but it didn't work - I ended up brainstorming instead of sleeping, so I was sleepy during my shift. It wasn't busy because I was training (aka I am the extra person in a normally one-person operation), and I hope it won't be busy when I'm scheduled to work it by myself (when the graveyard person goes on vacation). So, Friday morning, I crashed for about three hours when I came home - but mom wouldn't let me sleep for eight because then I wouldn't be able to fall asleep that night. I was still tired throughout the day - couldn't really write or get any writing done (Gackie part 10 - last part of The Wedding series - still looms, and I want to finish it before I dive into the next story arc), and only wrote a prologue draft for my Nano novel. (Well, it isn't really for Nano, but I'll just call it that since November is Nano month.)

My desk: We (my mom, sister, and I) did visit a furniture outlet yesterday too. Didn't find anything we liked, so most likely I'll be getting myself that desk that I mentioned in my previous post. It's not a rush, but I hope to get it for Christmas.

The Car Thing: My family decided to fix my sister's car instead of buying her a new one, but will probably end up buying a Corolla later this year or earlier next year. I think we need to retire my dad's car still.

Play: I did decide to buy myself a game subscription to BigFishGames (since I'm currently addicted to Cake Mania... *pbbt!*), figuring 'why not?' since I hardly spend any money on myself (btw, if anyone wants a referral, lemme know so I can email you ;D). The 12-month subscription is cheaper than RealArcade, and between those and the ones that let you play any game as long as you want but not own them --and they charge more per month/week-- I figured $7/month isn't that bad if I get to own the game. It's my Christmas gift to myself for $83.88 (oooo... I know - I'm such a Big Spender). I always reason my spending by comparing it to my salary/pay, and that's not even half a day of work... (this makes me say 'I deserve a little frivolous gift' to myself, especially since I haven't gone to the movies in a while - nothing playing right now really interests me).


Nothing much new here. For hogwartsharmony, I finished working on Gryffindor House's group picture, and will start Ravenclaw's soon. Term is coming to a close soon (is it about a month and a half away? I know that doesn't seem 'soon' but time flies...); so I think that'll be a good place to transition the new Head of House.

For TG, I have some ideas for DA training - but a couple depend on the mods (well, because they will involve a character or two from them), so I can only hope they keep up with the thread(s). It's a bit sad if I'm trying to keep the non-ship plot moving. ;P

For WW, I'm almost done with my revisions for Jackie's personal history/application; and I need to work on Veronica's and the new Div prof. I want to update Jackie's layout - so I must work on a scrapbook-type banner for her later; and then I need to start a filters list to divide her between TG and WW. I suppose I could make it "easier" by creating a whole new account for her, but with all the RP accounts I do have - I'd rather not.

(My total LJ accounts (my personal, TE-Cho, A-Cho, ME-Dorcas, Jackie, Ana, Veronica, Steven [although the mods allowed me to drop him, so like TE-Cho, his account will be dormant for a while], Ami, my fic archive acct) is about ten? *PBBT!* And I have to create a new Veronica one anyways because her last name is changing to reflect a slight change in personal history too.) More than likely, I'll be dropping TE-Cho if roll-call ever comes around again (although if I do, I'll be sure to delete the profile I set up for her); and possibly ME-Dorcas - because she has nothing to do if Ludo is gone and Lily is... slow? in threading).

[I can't imagine how many accounts Ali must have - I believe she controls half of LJ... *shifty eyes* along with the Utah posse of Laura, Randie, Rho, and Ribbon --- I say Utah if you're all married to each other! Right next to April's love nests with Ivan and Kat separately (or is it... together?) hmm...]

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