Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

RP meme

Meme for those of us who roleplay. (care of willowcabin)

Years roleplaying: 7 months - not years! (yeah, I'm a newbie!)

Least favourite character: hmm... I'm guessing this is supposed to be chosen from the characters I play rather than the ones my characters interact with? Hmm... it was Veronica because she didn't have much to do until Darcy arrived. So, I guess I'll say Dorcas because ME is really really sad slow.
Favourite characters: Jackie! because she's my first and I have the most fun being silly with her (as well as torturing her by putting her in situations that I myself wouldn't be in).
Male or female characters: female. I've only played one guy so far, although I wouldn't mind playing another someday.
Oldest character: Jackie
Newest character: Ami
Most popular character: Jackie

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
Jump off a bridge: Jackie if she had her broom and her BFF wanted to
Get drunk and pass out: Steven if he was dared by Kaleb and Deryck, and they all got drunk together
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way: Ana?
Get married: Jackie
Be far too hyper for their own good: Jackie
Star in a horror movie: Veronica, although not in the sense that she wants to be a star, but that she'd make a good "first screaming victim" type.
Star in a porn movie: hahahaha... none of my characters would do that. Even if Ana is malicious and manipulative, she has pride and elite snobbery.
Make the world a better place: Jackie
Have a torrid gay love affair: Ami? I really don't know... Ami's so mature and self-assured and not into getting herself into a relationship, that would completely be out-of-character unless something 'snapped' inside of her and she threw caution to the wind. Unless it's back to Jackie but she's so innocent... and I doubt Charlie swings that way.

Relate each word to a character of yours:
Love: Jackie
Hate: Ana
Money: Ana
Seduction: hahaha... Ana (maybe when she's older)
Lies: Ana
Tragedy: Jackie (unintentionally, of course)
Manipulation: Ana
Violence: ooo... this one is hard. Jackie or Ana? my characters aren't really violent.
Politics: Ana
Fire: Jackie
Ice: Veronica

Would you ever...
Play a prostitute: Sure. I need to break Jen's idea about me ;).
Play a musician: Why not?
Play a homosexual: Sure.
Play a pedophile: No, I don’t think I could.
Play a politician: Maybe.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut: Nope, I don’t RP smut.
Play a character who commits incest: eh... if we're playing Greek tragedies from 600BC, maybe... but I don't think I could.

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