Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

*Sigh* for unexpectedness

So, last night / this morning (what would you refer to midnight between Monday and Tuesday?), I trained again for the graveyard shift (second and last training session - any time after will be ON MY OWN). It wasn't bad in the beginning; I was able to take a nap kind of (you know, the semi-conscious state where your mind is active/thinking and you imagine yourself doing things but at the same time you're paralyzed and not moving from your bed -- or is this just me?) during the day on Monday before work and I drank some coffee... so it wasn't too bad like last week.

Then... I get a phone call... *sigh*

A man asks if what he took - an overdose of pills - was enough to kill him. He wanted to commit suicide and thought that maybe the combination of pills that he did take wasn't correct because it wasn't working (hence, the "reason" he called). I was stunned - to say the least - as I had never received a phone call like that before, and I really didn't know what to say. The truth? Was I supposed to "talk him down"? He said that he had already swallowed the pills and he didn't want to give me his last name (and while I was talking to him on the phone, my co-worker/trainer called Security to see if they could trace the line but they said they couldn't unless we transferred him to the Operator) and I just kept repeating what he said to get the "story straight". Finally, we transferred him to the Operator (who Thank God was there, because normally there wouldn't be an Operator at the switchboard for the hospital at night, but since there was some phone problems during the day, they had an Operator there) who was able to convince him to give her his address so she could send the police.

It was quite... something. I'm not really sure how to describe the whole experience. What he told me was different than what he told her - but she was able to get him to open up to her (for goodness sake, she's an Operator not a Crisis Prevention Hotline person // and I'm not a Crisis Prevention Hotline person either!) and that was good. My co-worker called another co-worker in a different department and he said later - well, if it were to happen again - we're supposed to transfer the caller to the Emergency Room so they could handle it.

*sigh* I hope he's okay. She sent the police, because he refused an ambulance... but I don't know...

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