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Just a week-in-review about work...

I'm not sure how to take the "You look so young!" compliments at work. It was amusing at first but sometimes it gets rather annoying not because I mind the compliment but because it often leads to the rather rude 'none of your business'-type question of my age. Eh... I'm old enough to vote, drink, and graduate school? How old do you think that makes me? is what I'd like to say... but usually with the "You look like you're thirteen!" or "You look like you're fifteen!", I go with my standard reply of "I get that often." or "Yeah, so I've heard." The strange thing is that no one ever said anything about it when I worked at my old job. I guess it just shows the different types of people at my new job?

On Wednesday, we had a monthly meeting to talk about department things and also changes that will occur in Medicare next year. *grumble* All I can say is 'Don't shoot the messenger!'

On Thursday, it was pretty busy... work overflowed from the morning into the evening and I don't think I got caught up until about 9:30pm... *groan*. I did get a genuine compliment from a patient - actually the daughter of a patient - though. I was talking to her (she's probably in her 50s or 60s) about her mother who has a leaky valve / congestive heart failure. I talked to her once before (maybe last week) about her mother's medications and then by fate, I spoke to her again on Thursday night. When she left, she said that I'm good and that she'd like to come back only when I'm working. That just surprised me. I didn't think I gave her any new information, but maybe it was my manner/personality? It was just nice of her to say.

Friday wasn't so bad - better than Thursday. And today? We'll see. I have to work tonight *grumble* again. And then next week - graveyard. *grumble* AND to top it all, I have to work six nights next week. Something about the holiday not counting as part of the regular five? i.e. you can work five regular days PLUS the holiday and only get paid double/whatever more for the holiday but not for two? It's confusing... I really don't care about the pay part - I care more about the fact that it is SIX days. *PBBT!*

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