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day 5 of 6

So, today at work before I clocked in - they told me that the midnight guy called in sick... and they wanted to know if I could work. And I said that if I did, they'd need to find coverage right now for my shift and for tomorrow, because I wouldn't work until 8am the next morning just to work at noon AGAIN! That's only four hours off in between and I'm not a robot... I'm already tired from the past four nights... Luckily, they finally found someone to help cover, but it was stressful just trying to find someone period.

Work was okay... tiring because it was busy during the first half of my shift, but later it was slow... I had the chance to play chess twice (lost the first game, won the second - although I thought it was funny because I had to keep taking my assistant's pieces until he only had pawns left before I could win the game ;)). Other than that? Nothing much else to say.

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