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I finally got the desk (er... computer desk) that I wanted. It finally got "on sale" this past Sunday, so my folks went to go order it and it came today! And they set it up together! And the pieces fit! (Yes, I'm using lots of exclamation marks because I'm so happy!)

So, I'll put my computer and stuff on it on Sunday (my next day off) and take a picture to show you all... (right now, the desk is sitting in the living room... it's so pretty ;D). WHEE!

Work was work... nothing really new there. I do have my password for the library computers now... so during my lunch, I might be able to squeeze in some internet time...

As for LJ... hmm... I have a Keiko (aka Jackie) mood theme - if none of you realize that by now... so I have to remember to post a mood... :) It took a while to make the little pics and upload them and copy/paste urls. (Yes, Ali told me about crackified! but I don't think their instructions work if you make it yourself and aren't sure which pics to label which moods...) I also finished -for the most part- one for Miranda (aka Ami), so I'm thinking I might post it to the Miranda comm for them to use (if they like it). Surprisingly, I don't have as many happy pics for her as I thought I would have... probably because I've been using the serious (aka not too-much smiling there) pics for her angry/sad/okay moods. I think I might make a table for each of them (Keiko and Miranda) for you all to see all the little pics... but that's just gonna be so much html stuff! I love tables! I just don't like all the html code to make pretty tables!

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