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a quick note

Work: *grumble* I have my user id for the library... but it DOESN'T WORK! Luckily, they have two computers that require no login, but still... if those pcs are occupied, and I have some spare time, I can't use any of the other three pcs (yet). I have to call the help desk... but when do I have time to do that?

LJ: *bounces* I'm actually excited about the Secret Santa for Harmony! :D

AND... (Edit!) Here's my mood theme: clicky! It's pure Keiko Kitagawa (Japanese actress/model). I'll make one for Miranda Kerr later, and probably a mixed one for all my fandoms too... It's kinda "fun" in the stressed-out-over-graphics sense... but it's nice to see a finished product. Well, mostly finished as I used all the pics I do have (and I have a lot) but not all of them fit with certain moods... (I'd have to hunt more to find ones for sad/sick/depressed/etc. moods).
Tags: jackie, library, mood theme, secret santa, work

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