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Hodgepodge (RL, LJ, RP)

RL: So... nothing really new to report on work. The girl who works 2-10:30 has more seniority than me and at first, she liked the shift because it frees her mornings so she can spend it with her daughter (I'm not sure, but it sounds like she's a single mom or divorced because she never mentioned a husband or her daughter's father)... but now? She doesn't really like the work and thinks maybe she likes the 11-7:30 shift better (which is what I work sometimes!). *grumble* So besides having to work WEEKEND NIGHTS, I may have to work until 10:30pm on several of the weekdays... *GROAN/SIGH/KICKS A WALL* My next week's schedule isn't "fun"... two 2-10:30, one 11-7:30, and the weekend's two 12-8:30. My days off are going to be Wednesday and Thursday.

I suppose on the "plus side", since I have Wednesday and Thursday off, I can write... I used to write on my weekdays off when I worked my previous job (two jobs ago)... Maybe I can get back into that "swing" of things...

LJ: Nothing much here either... Thanks, Laura, for letting me know about the mood theme! So now, I just have to get the link for my Miranda Kerr one and then I don't have to work on a table! ;D


sevarem, did you see? We're on "probation" now... what to do? what to do? *ponders*

So... hmm... it's really hard to RP Dorcas especially when Ludo isn't there, Hestia has also been slow (it looks like she's on "probation" as well) and I haven't had much of a desire to email Lily's player (as it seems like I'm usually the one to initiate our conversations) and now she is -naturally- going to be wrapped up in the Lily/James evolving relationship. And they're changing players YET AGAIN. And now Remus is up for grabs... and it's just all... so... sad. *sigh*

I guess it's the Puff-side trying to hang on (read case in point: TG) but I don't know... I guess if someone else wants to play her, they're more than willing to... but the thing is, I think if I don't - she'll just disappear... (and I'm just being sentimental)... *sigh*
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