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Work... GAH! I think I've said that enough in my journal...

So... it was BUSY - busier than the previous Saturdays I've worked (hmm... I think that makes this 4 or 5 now?) and the thing that irritates me is that there were two people assigned at 8am, and one just went home around 12:30pm or 1:00pm. I thought she would have gone to lunch and then came back so the other girl could go to lunch, but noooooooooo....... she went home! And left us with all the work! And so the other girl didn't even get a lunch at all, because she was nice enough not to leave me alone with all the work.

*grumble* It's not like I can do anything or say anything... I am, after all, the one with the least seniority, and she -the girl who went home- is transferring out to another hospital. Thursday will be her last day, and I won't even be around for the going-away party because that's my day off.

And it's not that I dislike her... She's a very likable person. This instance though just pisses me off.
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