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Happy Monday! sorta

I was a bit happy to have the 8am shift today... not that it isn't hard work, but it's the earliest I've ever received. Before that was the 9am shift, and that would be rare. Usually I work 11-7:30, 12-8:30, 2-10:30, or *grumble* the midnight-8 shift.

So... I'm working Christmas 8-4:30, which I figured I would (I sign up to work the holidays because I know if I don't, I'll be drafted anyways). I don't know about New Year's Day yet (nor do I know about either Eves). I hope it'll be the same shift, but seeing as the holidays fall on Monday, I may have to work 12-8:30 on the Eves - because that's what I've been working on Sundays.

Nothing much new... I do find it a bit --hmm... I'm really not sure what the appropriate adjective is here-- saddening (maybe?) that two girls dropped Augury just to create new characters for TG (I know it's either #3 or #4 for one girl, but I'm unsure about the second girl). They must really love the no-holds-barred atmosphere of shipping and loose plot (if there is such a thing as plot) in TG, since Augury is canon-set and thus, canon-restricted (for canon-characters), and actually has plot. And it's sad that TG's one class only has Jackie and Avis replying to it... no other characters currently. I would put Ami in it but she dropped Herbology. She might not have if I didn't figure that seven classes were too many.

So... I'm off to work on my Secret Santa gift and some manips/graphics... :D Holler if you want! ;)
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