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FREE day... well, not really

Yay! Today is my day off from work... *whew* but still quite a bit to do... *sigh*

Yesterday was "okay", surprisingly since three girls from the "night crew" called off (aka 'called in sick' and a couple other people had to stay over and work overtime). I heard Monday night was murder - so I'm glad I didn't have to work that night. Tomorrow, I work a decent shift at 9am (*squee*) but I will probably have to buy gas for my car beforehand.

Today, I will probably be typing/writing and also working on some graphics (see below LJ), and just some general relaxing. I have to install -just did so now it's done- some software for my sister's digital camera, and possibly clean a little. We'll see how that goes.

I finished my HH Secret Santa gift (yay!) but now will probably work on a few more miscellaneous icon/graphic gifts for friends.

Also, if I have the chance, I have several things to type up - a couple parts to a couple Gackie fics in progress (must keep him alive! to counter the hilariousness of his PB, the anti-Gabe, which btw, Ami weeps that she no longer has her BFF ;_;), my professor app for WW, and debating to fill out a sorting app for an LOTR comm just to get stamped (am I man, elf, dwarf, hobbit, or barrow-wight? knowing me, I'd probably end up a hobbit or barrow-wight for lack of LOTR knowledge). This equals a lot of typing/writing!

But... I'm probably going to be working on a couple of F/O banners for Jackie and Ami, and possibly the prof once I get an LJ set up for her too.

So much for relaxation...
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