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Done. and not Done

Just 'cuz I like lists...

[x] HH Secret Santa (yay!)
[x] Jackie FO banner
[x] Ami FO banner
[x] created new acct for Prof
[x] uploaded userpics for Prof
[_] finish application for Prof - only had the chance to work on it a little
[x] relax
[x] got my hair cut (and NO, Jen, you can't see a pic! :P) - now it's shoulder-length (it used to be long, past mid-back)
[_] type/write out Gackie fic stuff (*shakes fist* so little time in the day!)
[_] type draft 3 Ch.2 of my own novel stuff (*GAH!*)

and yes, I don't really like the new posting LJ thingamabob... but *shrug*...
Tags: lists

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