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Midnight GAH!

So... today will be the start of a three-day midnight-to-eight-a.m. shift cycle. GAH! And then next week, I have a couple of 2:30-11pm shifts. DOUBLE GAH! And then I work Christmas weekend - which is nice that I get the 8-4:30pm shifts for Saturday, Sunday, Monday... but I know on New Year's Eve, I work 4pm-midnight. *PBBT!* I don't know what I work on New Year's Day though - but it definitely can't be midnight-8am if I work 4pm-midnight the night before. I hope it's 8-4:30pm although I will only be getting 4-5 hours of sleep between, but I'm thinking it might be 4pm-midnight again! *PBBT!X2*


I don't know when I'll get vacation myself. We had been planning to go to Spain and Portugal in March, but since I got a new job and I have to wait for probation to pass and bank vacation hours and I'm not sure if our new computer program training will start in February, March, or April, I have no idea what will happen. *sigh*

I will be working the day of the Secret Santa / party-potluck exchange, which is nice, but the girl that I received will not. So, I'm thinking of bringing in her gift on Monday and leaving it for her in my locker. I don't think anyone will steal it. The assistants rarely lock their own lockers and leave their purses open in the breakroom, and I haven't heard of any cellphones or money or whatever being stolen...

As for LJ:

The week's end for TG is coming... *whew!*

Does anyone know when HiH will post their secret santas up?

HH... wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm not as excited as ladybluestar but I am still.
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