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day 1 of 3

Survived last night's graveyard shift. It actually was pretty nice, except -of course- not being able to speak Spanish (well, I cay say 'hola' and all that, but trying to explain Medicare/Medicaid dual-billing? That isn't something I can attempt in Spanish) but I think -or I hope- he understood to come back later during the day when more people were there and possibly could fix the billing or explain it better.

Other than that? Worked on my WW prof. Hoping Sam doesn't drop Augury (Sam, throw me a line! When Knott's isn't hectic, okay?!). Wishing Ali's mouse would work or for Christmas she gets a brand spanking-new laptop. Receiving comments from you guys on my last post -- *HUGS* -- which BTW, I don't know about you - but LJ is really really LATE with email-notifications.
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