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day 2 of 3

It was a little bit busier last night (sorry, I keep calling it night when there is no DAYLIGHT! okay? - but technically, it's morning since it was between midnight and 8am) but I was able to work on my WW application and watch some YOUTUBE! hehehehe...

I think this one is pretty good for Keiko, as it shows clips of her PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) days and features a song that she sings. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot on YOUTUBE, but I did catch the deleted/cut scenes from Toyko Drift. (She had a 'bigger' part on the Japanese version of the movie than the American/US release - and she wasn't just the hot Asian girl; she was actually the head mechanic that fixed the cars.) And no, I didn't watch Toyko Drift yet. I do want to see her other movies though if they get subtitled/fansubbed.

My sister also recorded Saturday Night Live, but I didn't have the chance to watch all of it yet. I did find it amusing that Justin Timberlake sang the Chipmunks Christmas song... God, that brings back lots of memories...
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