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Intranet? Phooey!

So, supposedly my new job - the hospital - has this program that I can download onto my PDA from the intranet. PHOOEY! It doesn't work. At least, I click on the "download now" button and it flickers and then what? It doesn't prompt me to sync or ANYTHING? GAH!

Well... now I have to try from the internet instead... so I have to copy the instructions and try at home. :P

*shakes fist* Just wasted half an hour yesterday trying... when I could've been surfing the internet ;)


As for what's buzzing around the f-list regarding the title for HP 7... hahahahah... ah well.


Does anyone know if HiH is sending out the names for Secret Santa? Cuz I signed up but haven't received anything! And I don't want to find out last minute - thinking 'I didn't get someone so I must not be in it' - that I actually am in it and didn't do anything for my giftee!


EDIT: Don't listen to Rho! Go watch the Slipped Away video that I have linked on my other post! Just cuz this is Emo!Jackie!
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