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Start of Work "Week"

Yeah, yeah... you've already heard read me ranting about work... so what else is new? I'm just keeping with the expectation! ;P

--will be off to work soon. Luckily, I have the 8-4:30pm shift today, tomorrow, and Monday. Of course (insert sarcasm here), I work 2-10:30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday... and I still don't know what I'm working the following week. (dun dun dunnnnn....)

I'm done with my HiH Secret Santa gift. I hope she likes it. She's just so uber cool and I'm a dork that I'm afraid she might not. I'll try to work on a Quidditch fic for her later - maybe a post-Christmas gift - but I'm not as "into" Quidditch as she is, so I don't know if it'll be any good either.

p.s. sevarem, Amaury's player is still on hiatus. That weekend we hoped her computer would be fixed... well... nope, it's still giving her problems. :(
Tags: rant, work schedule

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