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Wow... my sister is into YOUTUBE now... and I wasn't even the one to introduce it to her ;) Granted she knew about it before, but she hadn't watched it in a while...

If you like General Hospital (yes, the ABC daytime soap), and you like Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Webber (they're my fave 'kinda' couple, aka "Liason" -which btw, I think is one of the better merge/combo names), I found this one. I hadn't watched the soap in a long time so I missed the week that they FINALLY got together - I guess it happened in August? (They had been friends for over seven years, each going through get-togethers and heartaches with other people, and they - *cough* meaning the producers/writers - thought they wrote them getting together once several years ago but die-hard fans will argue that that relationship wasn't even a 'ship! etc./etc. Nevertheless, they had remained platonic until dun dun dunnnn.... that day)... so...

That Next Place - premise is that Liz's husband cheated on her while Jason's girlfriend cheated on him. She went to see him because he had been her friend for so long that whenever she needed to talk, to vent, to "not hide herself" or "pretend that she was okay with whatever was happening" type thing, she always went to see him. So... they finally "got together". Alas, it was "fleeting"... but at least it was special. Not the "tearing off clothes" passion that most one-night-stands in soap operas seem to be.

And I had to just throw in another Jackie Keiko Jackie... eh... Keiko! video that only spans about a minute. It's her Seventeen Magazine catwalk... and well... now we know why she isn't a runway model (well, besides the fact, that she is too "short" to be one). I think the waving and the smiling are Jackie-ish! Cute and kinda funny but not runway model-ish.

Movies. I read a magazine about the upcoming movies; I think they're coming out in the summer. Of course, there is Harry Potter. And Spiderman III - which looks interesting! Fantastic Four though? It didn't look too entertaining, but I'll probably still watch it for Ioan. Natalie Portman's coming out with The Other Boleyn Girl, a historical fictional romance, which looks sorta interesting too. Nothing else really caught my eye, but I wasn't reading too much in depth.
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