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"Last" Day - WHEE!

Yeah, I know I already complained about it... but I think you all know by now that my journal is BORING and if I don't whine about work, then *cough* you will read NOTHING! ;)


Traffic SUCKED yesterday! It took me almost an hour to get to work when usually it takes about 30-45 minutes. AND to top it all, I had to pee really bad. (Note to self: DO NOT DRINK COFFEE before you hit the road!) For like half an hour! And I kept debating if I should get off the effing freeway and use surface streets or stop by the McDonald's on the way to go to the bathroom. *grumble*

So I had no "computer/library" time yesterday because the library closes at 5pm and that's when I go to lunch. I usually try to leave a little earlier but my co-worker was like "No! Don't leave me here with all the work because the other girls do diddly squat and you and I are a TEAM! PUHLEASE!" -- well, she didn't say EXACTLY that, but you get the idea -- so I didn't go to lunch until 5pm.

And today, I promised to take the intern to the library at 4:30pm so we could figure out how to download that intranet program (see my previous grumble/post about it); maybe he can figure it out. :D

Tonight is the same night shift as yesterday. :P but at least tomorrow and Friday I have off. Tomorrow my best friend is coming over! I haven't seen her in over a year. And Friday, I probably will be taking my mom shopping and/or cleaning the house. We'll see. :)

And of course, I work the weekend... but I will gripe about that in my future posts. ;)
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