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Last Friday of 2006

GAH! I can't believe it'll be 2007 in a few days...

Anyways... today was a nice day off. :) I slept in and relaxed and went out to dinner with my sister. I find it amusing that she has a more active "social life" - then again, she has more opportunity for it (she's a lawyer and can meet people through classes and court and mutual coworkers and such), yet at the same time, we both really don't care to ourselves "out there". I guess I could "try" to find someone at work, but if it doesn't work out, it would get messy so I have never thought about dating anybody at work, whether it be in the same department or outside.

My best friend asked me about that... that maybe I should go out and try to make more friends (even if it's not specifically for a boyfriend) as our social circle has diminished since we graduated school. But I'm not really desperate or looking... Once in a while, I think it would be nice to have a baby, but I don't hear my biological clock ticking or driving me in search of someone. I think because I'm quite content in my life (although I rant about work and traffic and such, it really isn't that bad) that I'm all right. Sometimes I look at married people and some marriages are good and some aren't, and I don't know if I want to get into that. I suppose if I found the right person or the right person found me my view would change, but like I said above, I'm not "putting myself out there" so it'll be an act of fate or whatnot if I met somebody. *shrugs* Actually, I pretty much don't care either way. Ah well.
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