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Meme: another resolution

This one gakked from anndee123...

In 2007, jadeites_lady resolves to...
Take evening classes in fanfiction.
Spend more time with my nick potts.
Eat more old cartoons.
Volunteer to spend time with veronica mars.
Learn to play the rpg.
Become a better fanart.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

... makes me laugh since it actually seems to link to my Twelve Days of Christmas meme (e.g. "spending time with my nick potts") hahahahaha... though if I spend time with veronica mars, I wonder if she'd be amazed at the "innocence" I happen to retain despite being at least five years older than her (actress-wise, though character-wise, I'm prolly closer to being ten years older than her)...

... and it seems I need to learn to play RPG! *weeps* You mean I wasn't any good? *bawls!* KIDDING... I know I'm at least half-way decent, much better than I was in April. :D
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