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Day #6 - pbbt!

So, naturally, with my "luck" (*insert sarcasm here*), yesterday was the worst day of the week so far! (Of course, it would happen on the day I wasn't supposed to be there! but since I'm "too nice" and said I'd work, I got the short end of the stick! --btw, exactly how does that saying work? How can one end be shorter or longer than the other? Or is this like drawing straws and getting the shortest one? But no one ever says "short end of the straw". okay, enough digressing--

First, I receive a call - the woman wants to talk to the supervisor but they all went home at a decent hour (like 5-6pm) and I'm the only one left that is "in charge". She proceeds to tell me what a crappy department I have and that she's going to report us to Dr. So-and-So and Dr. Such-and-Such (blah blah blah), etc. So, here I am - just taking it. I can't really "argue" back as it wouldn't diffuse the situation, though in the back of my mind, I'm grumbling and thinking that I'm not being paid enough to deal with this. In the end, I help her and solve her problem to the best of my ability. Of course, the irritating part was that she actually sounded "nicer" (or perhaps, superficially sweet) in the end and thanked me.

Second, the next patient -not on the phone but in person- was arguing with me about her medication. I tried to explain to her about the procedure and in the end, I told her that she might want to speak to the supervisor in the morning. Still, the whole process took a good chunk of time that I could have been using to do other work -which of course, ended being piled up since I'm the only one there! that can do it-

*PBBT!* At least, tonight I get off a little bit earlier... but GAH!
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