Jade (jadeites_lady) wrote,

The Break-up

Title: The Break-up (*grimace* for lack of a better title)
Summary: Why is it that you never appreciate something until you've (almost) lost it?
Characters: Cedric / Cho, Fleur Delacour, Terrence Higgs, Roger Davies, misc. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws
Rating: PG / PG-13
Status: Complete (finished revising! - I hope.)
Length: Long... ??? words
A/N: In response to iateaburgerrrrr's prompt: break-up for rec50. It could also be a deleted scene/story in GoF (for quiet_charm's deleted scene challenge).

Chapter One: The Break-up
Chapter Two: The Aftermath
Chapter Three: Second Chance
Tags: fic, harry potter: cho/cedric, index, prompt: break-up

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