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In sickness and in health...

GAH! My luck?

Besides being sick on that Friday, my dreaded period came that night. Even though it was a shorter shift, I still felt nauseated and ill - I guess it was so "bad" that I didn't smile? (a girl told me on Sunday that she knew I wasn't feeling well because I hadn't smiled - so that made me laugh).

Luckily, Saturday I had a full day of rest (which is the reason I wasn't online as much as usual and couldn't chat -sorry!), stuffing my cold, watching a bit of tv, and such.

However, Sunday I had to work a couple hours overtime because the person who called in sick on Friday called in sick on Sunday, asked this other girl to cover his shift (his shift being 8pm-8am) but she "thought" (or so she says *evil glare*) that it was 10pm-8am, so I had to stay until 10pm and wait for her to arrive. My normal exit? 8:30pm.

And today? I had to be back at 8:00am. I think I got about 5 hours of sleep between last night and today...

*PBBT!* Yes, this is MY LUCK.

On the plus side, LJ isn't so hectic (yet). I'm excited about Augury (Rho and Sam - SQUEE!), though I still need to post on BX (April, Ivan - BS!). And I still need to tally for the SS exchange from December for HH (will do tonight! I hope!) and maybe remind everybody about the ongoing SV exchange and comment-for-points post.
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