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Not much to report. I can't get everything done when I'm the only one "in charge" from about 8am to 10am (the next girl comes in at 10am, and though there is a supervisor at 9am, they don't "help" with the actual workload too much), but I try. Traffic was better yesterday than last week. I'm guessing it was because last week was Martin Luther King's bday and the end of a three-day weekend for those lucky folk (who for some reason like to go to Las Vegas whenever there is a long weekend and just make traffic SUCK when they come home all together on the last day! *PBBT!*).


Homework- must do! GAH.

RP- Rho and Sam crack me up! <3 Marietta and Terry!

Lala is so mean! I am NOT obsessed with a non-existent OTP! I just think it's a cute non-existent OTP and I come up with these cute ideas to write! I mean... look at my character list. There isn't anyone else on there either! So why not stick with this non-existent OTP than create an OTP with an NPC?

I suppose my "thing" is that I think they're all too young and if they have crushes or romances in high school, it's not going to be "forever after". Hence the reason my non-existent OTP is set TEN YEARS in the future, when they're older/wiser/more mature and can possibly have a "happy ending".

Of my characters... just look at them. I don't see any OTPs in the making.

Jackie - Rho thinks everybody should stay away from her with a ten-foot pole because she insists on no more Sad!Jackie. I could have her crush or be oblivious or triangled-relationships and such, but no one else wants that and she's still growing and maturing and not thinking about coupledom. Future!Jackie? I have NO IDEA. Gabe was only a possibility IF both of them were still single in the future (thus the non-existent OTP) but other than him? I think every other guy is spoken for in RP-land. I'd have to match Jackie with an NPC, and Gabe vs NPC - Gabe's easier because he's established. I don't have to think of a personality or qualities for an NPC. I think Gabe is also a lot closer in personality to her brother and her father, and though no one ever says it, that influences her choices in males, don't you think?

Ami - as Lala said, with Gabe? HAHAHAHA... if Kendra is any indication on Gabe's "type", Jackie is closer to Ken's personality than Ami, and Ami/Gabe could work 'companionship'-wise but I just don't see really much anything else. I think her crush would be on more of an "opposite" personality (such as her childhood crush on Sly because he was different), though I haven't really explored what type of guy she'd like. If she's attracted to men like her father, Gabe isn't like her father. I'm actually not sure who is... *must think later*

Veronica - too young right now - and Kier (and possibly April) would kill Mason if he wanted to date future!Veronica. Besides current!Veronica is much too obsessed with finding out about her family history than about boys.

Ana - even younger than Veronica - is possibly the only person I'd think of in a future relationship. Maybe future!Ana and future!Armand, although with future!Romey, there could be a triangle. Besides, I think Jen is rooting for Ana/Romey more than anything. Only other person would be Kier, and I think Ana/Kier would kill each other or end up like Ron/Hermione. More than likely, murder not love.

Grace - I suppose she's the only possibility. I'd have to explore it more though but she's pretty much jaded and cynical. Hard shell to crack. I actually had a few BS fics in mind for her, to establish her past-relationship and how his death affected her.

Jacob - just edited - hmm... he's as new as Grace, so time will only tell. Phoebe is like a sister to him and Dasher is just an acquaintance. I haven't BSed with April's girl though I don't think they'd be great friends??? and so, with everybody else - the cast is small, and he's more concerned (as I'm sure they all are) with controlling and learning about his powers versus hooking up.

Steven - ha! I suppose if I create an NPC love for an NPC guy... suuure...

and finally, I think that leaves...

Cho - who is pretty much "available" but not really interested in anybody either. She's at a crossroads in her life, freshly graduated, no more boyfriends in the mix, and trying to figure things out. Augury is a small cast too... and canon-relationships would be harder to figure out than the other OC ones...
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