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Meme time

From traceria and ladybluestar

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was almost seven years ago. (if we're just counting with a "significant other" / date, and not the parent/sibling pecks on the cheek etc.)

2. I am listening to... the dishwasher go round and round. (I told you I'm boring!)

3. I talk... brightly.

4. I love... writing.

5. My friends... are scattered all over the continent.

6. My first real kiss... was really awkward.

8. Love... is hard to find.

9. Marriage is... not a goal for me, but I wouldn't shun it if I found the right person.

10. Somewhere, someone is thinking... "I hate my job." (That's a lot of people! ;D)

11. I'll always... be good-hearted.

12. I have a secret crush... on my PBs.

13. The last time I cried was because... I was PMS-hormonal and Rho sank my fandom once again.

14. My cell phone... is in my room and shut off.

15. When I wake up in the morning... I want to go back to sleep.

16. Before I go to bed... I brainstorm, which isn't very good when I want to sleep!

17. Right now I am thinking about... how long this meme is taking me.

18. Babies are... cute. I'd want to cuddle Gackie's boy if there was a Gackie and they had a boy.

19. I get on Myspace... rarely ever, only when I'm looking for something and my search engine sends me there.

20. Today I... am trying to finish all my Continuing Education credits.

21. Tonight I will... probably chat with whoever is online.

22. Tomorrow I will be... working. Darn!

23. I really want... to finish writing my book. Where did my muse go? :(

24. Someone that will most likely repost this is... Anndee or Rho.
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