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I finally finished my CE (continuing education) credits. Yay! I'm set until 2009 now!


Thanks to ladybluestar for the reminder... I keep forgetting which week is mine, and yesterday I put up the lesson for arithharmony... but now I need to work on the next lesson for astrolharmony before that sneaks in and I'll go "omigod! LESSON!" and scramble to type one out.

WW! WHEE! I don't know how many responses I'll actually get to Divinations, as yes - another "school" subject, but my character is currently the only professor there! So at least classes have started... kind of. ;D

I AM NOT A MACHINE! *pbbt!* which btw, translates to... I'm going to work and if I get a chance to reply to all my threads (through email), everybody is getting my default icons! That means you get soulful!Jackie, pleasant!Ami, professor!Wu, dorky!Jacob, and normal!Cho (though I believe Cho isn't in any threads right now -- reminds me to email Luna to see if this game day would be fine for the girls' sleepover... I think it should be, and it should be fine as an "after" for Marietta's ministry thread, right?).
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