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LJ seeping into RL

Do you know what amuses me now? I started to flip through a copy of Cosmo at work today (someone else's subscription that they brought and left in the breakroom) and now...? I'm recognizing some models! Like... is that Cintia in Loreal? Alessandra in XOXO? That sorta looks like Boyd! Oh, that's Gemma! So... um... thank you, Ali and Allie! ;D

I finally watched High School Musical on DVD. So, yes! Now I know what you've all been fangirling about. I just read in today's paper that the Disney company has announced that "Haunted High School Musical" is in the works. It will be a film, and it sounds like an on-screen in-theaters-type film, that will be released next year.

And there are a couple articles/reviews about Hannibal Rising in today's paper as well... including a nice size pic of Amaury. The review wasn't good though... and I'm not really into those types of films (I never saw Silence of the Lamb, and wished Beauty and the Beast had won the Oscar instead of that film because yes! I'm a Disney dork.).

And finally, a couple comics...

Get Fuzzy bringing up Harry Potter's name...


Pearls Before Swine... where Rat sorta reminds me of Ali and Pig reminds me of me Actually, I'm not sure who Pig is - cuz I know I'm not that literal and/or naive. ;D

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