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I hate people!

Cut for work-related RANT!

Well... being the "person in charge" at night is not fun, and of course, it HAS to happen after 6pm and after the time the supervisors go home. A patient's girlfriend/sister/significant other (whoever she was, she wasn't the patient himself) came and one of my assistants couldn't help help her so she asked me to help. I thought I did. I filled what she needed and explained to her that I couldn't do more because I had no record of the doctor changing or increasing one of the medications. I thought it was over. Apparently I was wrong.

She wanted the full name of the assistant that helped her first because she wanted to write up a report and complain about her. First, I said I didn't know the assistant's last name (What? I don't know everybody's last name! Am I supposed to know every single person's last name in the department?) which made her angry and she said I should get it. I told her the assistant had already gone home but she said she was still there, so I went to check and she was right. The assistant had already clocked out but was chatting with another coworker; she refused to give her last name or allow me to give her last name because she felt uncomfortable -she didn't want the person to look her up in the phone book and get other information ((I think she should have just left if she clocked out so I wouldn't have had this problem on top of the other, because her staying looks like it's a conspiracy and I'm lying.)) I told the woman that and she became belligerent. She said it was the patient's right to know the full name of the person who serviced her and I told her it was the employee's right not to disclose that information. ((After all, not all employees in say the retail world display their last names on their badges.)) It went on and on, back and forth like this for a long time, mainly consisting of her yelling at me. She asked me why we all had badges then; and I said it was required by law that we have our titles displayed. Then she argued that it was public record then and I shouldn't refuse to give the assistant's last name. I would have argued that because it was such, it didn't mean that our last names had to be displayed; and also, since it is public record, that would be the reason she would not want to give her last name --because anyone could look up the record and find out her personal information such as address. I didn't have the thought to argue that, especially when I kept trying to explain that it was her right not to release her last name and that any report the other wrote would not need it as she's the only one with her first name in our department. ((Besides, if she actually did complain, whoever investigated the report would find out the assistant's last name anyways.))

((Later, I even thought that I could have said that if I told her the assistant's last name, the assistant could probably file a grievance with their union and so I could not.))

Finally, it took security to escort her away or she would have stayed yelling at the counter for longer because I wasn't budging and neither was she. I usually let yelling roll off my back as most of the time, I let it go and try not to think about it. Hers though? It made me sick in my stomach afterwards (must be how I internalize things). I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but the girl who comes in at 10pm didn't come until 10:30pm; so I couldn't leave until 10:30pm.

So...yes, work sucked yesterday! I hate people.
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