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Praise and Pain

So, yesterday was the last day for one of my supervisors; he's transferred to another facility -a smaller one that is closer to his house- and so we had a little "going away"-type party for him. He paid me a compliment and said I helped turn the department around, so I joked with him and said that he could take me with him and he laughed and said he wished he could (the truth would be to transfer out needs lots more seniority).

I don't know what happened last night though because in the middle of the night, I woke up with sharp pains around my left shoulder/neck area. *PBBT!* So, now I'm in pain and it sort of feels like a sprain. I just put some cream and patches on but I may break down and try some ibuprofen later. Ick!

Hmm... nothing much on this front. I've been keeping up with my threading and worked on my HiH shoppe. I need to work on some applications for other characters though...
Tags: shoulder pain, work

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