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GAH! Work

Mainly a work rant here. I was supposed to get off at 10:30pm last night. Guess what time I actually left? 11:40pm! Because the other girl called and said she'd be late and asked me if I could stay another hour. *GRUMBLE* and it's not like I could call the supervisor to come to work for one lousy hour. So I didn't get home until past midnight. I hope she doesn't do this to me today...

Since Allie posted her thoughts on the CKin2u perfume ad, I thought I'd ask what you guys thought of the Diesel's Global Warming Ad Campaign. There's actually a bit of a rant on the 'net about it ranging from disgust at using the seriousness of Global Warming to sell jeans to it bringing awareness to an egocentric society. As for me, I just think of it as eye-candy. Like art. Does it raise my awareness? No, but then I already knew about Global Warming and I've always been more posed to doing my little part (whatever it may be, e.g. recycling, water conservation, possibly buying a hybrid in the future) for the environment. Does it make me disgusted? No, like I said - EYE-CANDY. I don't take the ad seriously or with whatever message it's sending or supposed to send. Do I think it's lame? Not really... not as lame as say Paris Hilton trying to sell Carl's Jr's burgers in a bikini while washing a sports car.
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