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Hmm... Let's see... the Main Reason I haven't been updating my journal? I really have nothing NEW to write.

Night shifts have gotten easier, as we're not as busy as before. They say it happens with Spring/Summer. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Once in a while, there will be a patient problem but nothing as major as being yelled at for thirty minutes etc. I requested a Saturday off in a couple weeks, so I'm not sure if it will be approved as my next schedule doesn't come out until later this week. And yes, I work tonight. Tomorrow is my day off to get caught up on everything else.

I haven't been doing my HH homework... *sigh* though I will try *crosses fingers* to get to it tomorrow. I think I need to do the announcement-type thing to remind people of the Yearbook, and the comments (for participation) posts.

RP: I am thinking of bringing Jacob to WW with some major history changes... but I don't know if I should make him a teacher or a seventh-year student. Main thing for the "teacher" would be because of his pics (does he really look 18?); though the con would be "GAH! Another teacher?"

*misses Sam* I... I'm actually thinking that I might write a fic series for 7spells for Terry/Mandy. Yes, I'm sappy like that, though my idea is more of their friendship and rocky relationship later. But since I still have 4 more to write to complete my other couple (Draco/Cho), it might be a while (unless I drop D/C but I really don't want to since I was half-way done).

Then there is a story that Brent (Gabe) and Miranda (Ami) broke up. Personally? I think it's just a rumor *waves flag about* but I guess no one really knows (or won't until months later anyways).
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