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Catching Up

I wonder if the schedule will be posted today... (I work late shifts this week, so I am currently at home and will be going in about an hour and a half).

I believe I'm caught up with all HH homework except Occlumency which I usually have no time to meditate and then write a paragraph about said meditation.

I am now on Chapter 15 - LAST CHAPTER - of Gackie (yay!) so I will be able to release the links soon (hopefully). WHEW! I think all my creative juice for them will be satisfied (I haven't brainstormed anything new for them lately) and will probably move back to canon fic. :D

Sam - um... are we going to pretend Mandy finally caved in? or did you want to finish the serenading? ;D

WW - ACK! *cough* that is all. :D
Tags: fic, rp, work

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