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H_E app addendum

Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff... (as well as the other houses)

My job/work philosophy -which may as well be an outlook on my life as well- is more "Hufflepuff", I suppose. If I didn't have the job I have now (which I got from my Ravenclaw intellect and degree, and I keep with my Hufflepuff work-ethic), then I would work as anything - data entry, fastfood, whatever - just to work (to earn a living and not live off welfare/government). I suppose that is due to my upbringing - to which I add that I have high morals (is that Gryffindor-ish? though I think Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw could have high morals too). My goal in life - to be happy. Is that naive? Sure, money is nice (and since I have an above-average-salary job, I can afford certain things) but I live within my means - this is probably "Hufflepuff" too, although I don't really see Ravenclaws going into debt. I guess I use my Ravenclaw-ish mind to put things into motion, but then I use my Hufflepuff-ish attitude to work at it.

But... the thing with the definitions - separating into four houses - is like separating people by their zodiac/astrological birth signs. There aren't just 4 personality types, just like there aren't 12 personality types. I think Ravenclaws and Gryffindors (and even Slytherins if it suits them or accomplishes their goal) can be hard workers. I don't think Ravenclaws rely solely on their minds. I don't think only Hufflepuffs are loyal and good friends; I think Ravenclaws and Gryffindors (and again Slytherins if it doesn't conflict with their personal ambitions) can be loyal and good friends. Just like Ravenclaws aren't the only ones with "brains"; all the houses have "smart" people. It just differs on how they use their intellect (to their personal advantage - Slytherin; to the greater good - Gryffindor).

So... trying to separate...

Slytherin - ambitious. Am I ambitious? I don't think I am. Sure, I have goals (but... doesn't everyone?)
Do I play "dirty" in this "dirty" world? No - because I'm too "green"/naive due to a pretty sheltered upbringing (my upbringing was school/books/intellect). If I try to play "dirty", I don't play it very well.

Gryffindor - bold. I don't think I am. If anything, the only Gryffindor-ish quality I possess is being a "leader" whenever the need arises. At school, in class-assigned groups, I usually was. With my friends (maybe they're all just indecisive), I usually am. Is being decisive a Gryffindor quality? Then, that would be mine. I wasn't voted "leader" because I was popular - which I wasn't. I was chosen because I was capable.... and no one else wanted the responsibility. Gryffindors are also passionate - but I suppose since I look at all sides and usually am "neutral", I am not "passionate". Or perhaps, I haven't found a worthwhile cause in my eyes to be passionate about (as most causes have so much bureaucracy :p ).

Ravenclaw - intellect. I think, therefore I am. Must I go on?

Hufflepuff - loyal. I was to my first job/company (stayed their for more than five years), but since they didn't reward loyalty nor did they appreciate hard work, I quit and moved to my second job. Friend-wise, yes. Family-wise, naturally. Hard-working? That's a given.

Still, I see most Hufflepuff traits can be applied to Ravenclaw. Only difference is that Ravenclaws like to learn? But then, don't do Hufflepuffs?

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